About Us

Where candy is just the beginning! At Sugar Kingdom, we are making the sweet taste of candy an inviting experience for children and grownups alike. We offer over 2500 different types of candy to meet every taste, craving and age. Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy the ultimate candy experience that can only take place in a kingdom. Our bright, colorful décor will make you feel like you’re in Disneyland. Open the door to a new type of heaven, candy heaven! Every turn will offer you a new surprise of bright, colorful and sweet goodness. Sugar Kingdom is a place the whole family will enjoy. It can make the glummest days bright and happy. Sugar Kingdom has been making waves over the past Decade, with Handful stores now keeping families happy and satisfied along the Us. By ensuring each of our stores is stocked with the latest crazes, unique sweets and high-quality old-fashioned candies, we can guarantee the very best customer service and stunning souvenirs. We carry everything from fudge, taffy, ice cream and popcorn to cotton candy, gourmet chocolate, slushies and desserts. Find something new whether you are 2 or 82! We offering fun arcade games and indoor ice skating to entertain the whole family. No matter what your age, Sugar Kingdom lets you be a child once again. Experience the candy store everyone is talking about, where all of your happiest dreams come true!